Wake Up and Dream (EP)

by Akapela Jonz

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released October 5, 2010

Publishing: ENOGA Publishing
Executive Producer: Clifton Ellens and Randolph Zuniga
Co-Executive Producer: Loren Gordon
Mastered by: Drew Allsbrook (www.drewallsbrook.com)

Appearances by: Krista Mone, Pablo Murillo, Mr. Notes, Nick E. Nice, Randy Z.

Management: Arnold Randall (Arnold@AGOneEnt.com)
P.O. Box 2456, Anaheim, Ca 92814/714.988.3818

Publicity: Tamika Cosen (tamika@AGOneEnt.com)
P.O. Box 2456, Anaheim, Ca 92814/714.988.3818

Booking: Randy Zuniga (randyz@AGOneEnt.com)
P.O. Box 2456, Anaheim, Ca 92814/714.988.3818

Album Art: Arnold Randall (www.arnoldrandallart.com)


all rights reserved





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Track Name: Wake Up and Dream
[Hook (2x)]
How could say such a thing
Paint such a scene
Life is full of color
Wake up and Dream
Things aint what they seem
It’s about more than green
Im all about my team
Wake up and dream

[Verse 1]
Think bigger now, Jonz out to get the dow.
Nasdaq and stock market, Rap Markus…Garvey
But hardly orthodox
Born to rock I reform the plot, the norm is not
To aim where they thought I’d stop
Through the storm and the rain
All long I’ve fought
Got a lot ‘fore I drop
Gotta be on top, cream of the crop
We in the high rise, livin the high lives
Scrapin the clouds, you never takin’ me down
Until God say
So I pray a halo cover my crown, Til I lay my head down
To rest I need a few hours, recoup power
Who now wanna test the truth, Scour the globe
Guaranteed, you’ll never find another
Brand of this kinda brotha
I broke the mold and every story told is so Pulitzer

[Hook (2x)]

[Verse 2]
Wanted to be a rock star and record all day
But mama say the life me need a 401k
Corner office and a corporate desk
So now im just another young man
Trying to slave for a check
Back ache and stressed
Other than by break and lunch time
I hate the rest
Over time I found that overtime wasn’t worth it
And it’s a fact
Your boss…always a jerk
When I finally realized
He just like me
Cause he just tryin to be
But not what he wanted to be
I decided for me that couldn’t be an option
Thought to be relentless, “Said nothing can stop him”
Even if you dropped him
I was born to ball, take my shot front of all of ya'll
Watch me bounce back game on the line
Make the crowd clap
And while my dreams steady coming to life
You can find me losing sleep seeing something to write

[Hook (2x)]
Track Name: Go So Far (feat. Krista Mone)
[Verse 1]
Meet me half way to the destination
I waited this long
I aint stressing patience
Let’s just pace it
Aint trying to race it
Time was wasted
Time to face it
Like a body builder
I done dropped the weight
Stronger than before
No longer am I sore
But before I soar let me climb the art
From which I can never depart
You know it’s just a part of me
Part of me I gotta leave behind
There’s a new start for me
Still all I got
Read between the lines
But this time around I won’t read a line
I’m a let my heart and my speech align
Combined with a beat so unique and find
Forever in a day
Each time I rhyme
My life’s a open book
You can read my mind

We go so far away
To where you are
It’s where we want to be
We go so far away
To where you are
It’s where we want to be

[Verse 2]
The sunset skyline
Figured that it’s high time
I shine
My mind floating away
In my heart I know the way
And the darker the day
I harbor the faith
I figure why bother
Going happen don’t ask him
When its going happen
Instead just open your wings and start flapping
Grab the sky and alas
As the masses eye you take off and flight
If you knew where I’m trying to get
Worried ‘bout mileage
Do you need a pilot?
I do not
But I could use a couple astronauts
For half the plots I got
But on second thought I'd rather not
Defy gravity my master plot
Skip the moon
Inspiration I’ll be there soon

Track Name: Mr. International (feat. Tanya Thomas)

[Verse 1]
I’m on to Japanese kicks with the laces (Maybe)
Strap the patent leather to the Velcro (baby)
Fly on auto pilot…Haters
Your light look dim looking through my aviator
Marc Jacobs and such now
Out of town on a plane champagne til we touch down
Still in my zone, different time zone
Cause the rhymes on cloud 9
Not dreaming I just woke up
“Excuse mua” as I'm buttoning my pea coat up
And I’m fresh off the Boeing jet
Know I got and get a couple of them 0’s for checks
Plus a couple comma signs
Bet on a dollar sign you will never find a rhyme
Connoisseur as mature in my kinda lime
Im for sure the allure it’s my time to shine

Round the world (4X)

The weather change under me
While I watch
I never change up the time on my watch
Now you know (2x)
How I roll (2x)
Im Mr. Internation-al
Mr. Internation-al(4x)

[Verse 2]
Peeling out in my two door four wheels foreign
Jet off in flight like I'm Saab to keep touring
Your can’t hack it, youngin it takes practice
To be a pro at this, I travel like I’m atlas
The globe spin around, I just enter town
Entertain; sit a 5 star dinner down
Pay the bill tell the driver to spin around
Front of the restaurant
Italian leather on, upper echelon
Tell me what else you want
Lavish life filled with luxury
Shopping sprees: Luxembourg, Tuscany
Reservation at the Ritz where I rest my head
A pair of gourmet kicks keep my fix well fed
Unpack my Louis Vuitton and go to bed

Round the world (4X)


[Verse 3]
Wake up call: Breakfast continental
Request Eggs Benedict
Concierge -- a centerfold
Room service for the top floor suite
Presidential -- The kind you can’t cop for cheap
D&G sneaks cross Venetian streets
Pompeii gone a day then I’m on to Greece

The weather change under me while I watch
I never change up the time on my watch
Now you know (2x)
How I roll (2x)
Im Mr. Internation-al
Mr. Internation-al(4x)
(Mr. Akapela Jonz is around the world)
Track Name: Go (feat. Pablo Murillo and Randy Z.)
[Verse 1]
First things first, a brand new year
Renew the drive in a brand new gear
The man who steer, stand right here
Peer form the giants shoulders
No fear of heights, matter fact I think in flight
Just a man from the left but I ink with my right
To fight on the page
Got a life to raise
Out the gutter
Me and my mother gotta light the way
If it’s a dream come true, what I was born to do
Is more than you could ever think or view
I never think of you, whenever I think of who
Can make the words make sense
Cause then you know the change accrues
Bend and change the rules, keep chains on fools
And all the locks on doors, I changed my tools
Parade around Gods green
Just displaying the jewels
Learn the lesson from my younger days and make new moves

Say Go
When they tell you to stop nd that feeling in your heart (baby) Is all that you got
Say Go
When they tell you to quit, there’s much more inside they don’t know it exists
Say Go
Wipe the tears aside, passion re-ignited
Spread your wings and fly
Say Go
They can’t limit your sky
Say Go
They can’t limit your sky
Say Go

[Verse 2]
It’s my literature for sure that I’m perfecting
Lyrically I’m living for more and my direction
My suggestion is stop second guessing
Second to none, I’m running the one to perfection
My game run and gun, my shot smith and Wesson
But more Pistol Pete, official speech
A squad of champeens(champions), My hooks Kareem
I’m already sky high from the looks of things
So ya'll can carousel through life
Trying to hook the ring
They say that they belong
They cant relate not just a member
A presidential candidate
In my office counting ovals
Accompanied with dollar signs
Commas plus the John Hancock by the dotted line
A mind such as mine is so hard to find
Its brilliance defined in a diamonds shine


In the life of go-getters and sinners, I move.
I move through the storm to calm winds
Where pain and perseverance are my only friend
I seek guidance from the lord, but fall short as I measure the man I am, to him.
It’s not blasphemy; I strive to live a righteous life while I fight for love and peace of mind
In search of wisdom, peace and equality...My family provided a foundation.
As I rebuild my soul, my mind and my body no longer comprehend limitations
I exceeded all expectations, not simply by living another day
But because I refuse to settle for what you may think is me at my best
I've learned to fail gracefully; I take the "L" but don't lose sight of where I'm trying to be.
No man alive can tell me what's attainable; I decide.
I pick and chose how to define my being:
I am rhapsodical, uncontainable, unrestrainable
My dreams aren't conceptualizations, they are destinations.
As my heart palpitates this fluid called passion, far-fetched thoughts become more like actions
Now fathom the thought of me finally grasping these dreams that seem so far from having
I venture down the path less taken and leave all hesitation at the threshold of opportunity.
It’s not luck but blessings that I be where I be, despite the fact that I’m barely legal
See, my words had to be lethal; I got to fight for my people in this land of unequals where we're seen as illegal.
My brain food is strange fruit; I sip on social justice while scheming on a way to take back the night that we first got enslaved.
Now you've caught me in my element, I'm heaven sent for the people.
I was born to do great things; I’m bound to be amazing
My dreams come true, but they don't come easy.
Then again, all I had to do was wake up and dream!
Track Name: Another Goodbye (feat. Krista Mone)
[Verse 1]
She was light skin, pretty face
Big hips, slimmer waist
Appetite for destruction
Couldn’t wait to get a taste
Compliments she’d eat’em up, No dinner plate
Physique straight each date, grew tighter
Lighter spark a fire, wick burn the candle wax
Tell me can you handle that, she hot as a flame
Mercury rise, just say her name
Raise the temperature
Got to know each and every inch of her
From the time I spent with her
Chillin in the burbs
Let her body do the talking
Only said a couple words
Raspy voice, its sexy crazy cool
Bacardi, she partied with a crazy crew
Innocent hardly the things we’d do
Far from a home body, too fly for that
She let her guard down,
Who knew that id do that?
What we had fell apart
And now she aint coming back

[Hook (2x)]
Say hello to another goodbye
I was thinking maybe we could give it a try
Why ask why because you lied
Fell for the same game
Only one more time

[Verse 2]
Stuck by the look alone, what did she do to me?
Something’s in her smile, something new to me
I mean who is she, and where is she from?
Where is she going? After what she done
I hope it’s not too far, want to be where you are
Rare star in my eye, not the sky
And if that’s the case
I’ll fly away to see half your face
She got my heart moving at a faster pace
But my feet won’t follow,
Froze in tomorrow, you in the mirror
Posed like a model, body like a bottle
But back to reality, what’s your name
She grabbed me by the hand
She just want to dance
Whispered in my ear, "baby what’s your plans"
Young Latina hail from Argentina
Tonight’s my last night in town,
I hate to leave you


Say hello lo(6x)
Say hello to another goodbye
Say hello lo(6x)
Say hello to another goodbye

[Verse 3]
Chocolate covered dream
From a movie scene I seen
On the screen but it wasn’t me playing the role
But this time around I’m the star of the show
Here’s how it goes from the opening credits
On the wall she in front of me
I know the connection
It’s like nothing else I felt before
Headed to the floor
So that she could move her hips for me
And the rest of the night well its history
Starting to understand what this bliss could be
In the park in the dark when she misses me
She cop an attitude reply, “I aint mad at you”
I just let her know that I’m just trying to have you
As much as I can its nothing your man, got you
Whatever you ask for, the feelings I have for
I just can’t cast off, I’m ready to blast off
Just take your mask off

Hook (4x)
I say hello she say another (goodbye)
I say hello she say another (goodbye)
I say hello she say another (goodbye)
I say hello she say another (goodbye)
I say hello she say another (goodbye)
I say hello she say another (goodbye)
I say hello she say another (goodbye)
I was thinking maybe we could give it a try
Track Name: Finale
[Verse 1]
If you know it like I know it
Then we all play a part
Im Descartes, Martin Luther
Put my thoughts on the door
Often the law say the way we talking the art
Rotten our hearts
Its harder when we walk in the dark
The archer is raw
Aim away the target is far
All of this for a way to pay
And not to be poor
An outlaw so
Aint no way the law could of taught
My mentality, don’t battle me
I start where you stall
All of this
The reason I rhyme
And most recently time
Seeing the signs
They believing we blind
Open ya mind to the facts
Sit back and relax
They trying to front on you
In front of you
An actual fact
Believe this
I breathe it
Eat it and sleep it
Long as my heart thumping
Im a be where the need is
Follow your heart
Don’t follow the leaders
In a nation under God
Where they outlaw Jesus

Thieves and Politicians
Saints Sinners Religion
Praying I’m forgiven
It’s strange the way we living
Thieves and Politicians
Saints Sinners Religion
Praying I’m forgiven
It’s strange the way we living
Thieves and Politicians
Thieves and Politicians
Thieves and Politicians
Thieves and Politicians

[Verse 2]
Cameras everywhere in the air
Sky as black as night
Can’t hide from darkness
Spying via satellite
So I watch the news
Reporters try and doctor truths
Lying through their Prada suits
Whose who
Time to rate our decisions
How we making a living
And listen to what they won’t say in high definition
Double talk prime time hiding the definition
We stuck in prison
They busy clouding our vision
When the smoke clears take a drag of your cig in
Signature here
To administer fear
The end is near but let’s keep’em distracted
I know how with low brow attractions
Go wild with fashion
Money over passion
Know that I’m masking the beast within
But ignorance is bliss
At least for them
I purpose to profit if it means the end

[Hook (2x)]

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