Another Goodbye (feat. Krista Mone)

from by Akapela Jonz

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[Verse 1]
She was light skin, pretty face
Big hips, slimmer waist
Appetite for destruction
Couldn’t wait to get a taste
Compliments she’d eat’em up, No dinner plate
Physique straight each date, grew tighter
Lighter spark a fire, wick burn the candle wax
Tell me can you handle that, she hot as a flame
Mercury rise, just say her name
Raise the temperature
Got to know each and every inch of her
From the time I spent with her
Chillin in the burbs
Let her body do the talking
Only said a couple words
Raspy voice, its sexy crazy cool
Bacardi, she partied with a crazy crew
Innocent hardly the things we’d do
Far from a home body, too fly for that
She let her guard down,
Who knew that id do that?
What we had fell apart
And now she aint coming back

[Hook (2x)]
Say hello to another goodbye
I was thinking maybe we could give it a try
Why ask why because you lied
Fell for the same game
Only one more time

[Verse 2]
Stuck by the look alone, what did she do to me?
Something’s in her smile, something new to me
I mean who is she, and where is she from?
Where is she going? After what she done
I hope it’s not too far, want to be where you are
Rare star in my eye, not the sky
And if that’s the case
I’ll fly away to see half your face
She got my heart moving at a faster pace
But my feet won’t follow,
Froze in tomorrow, you in the mirror
Posed like a model, body like a bottle
But back to reality, what’s your name
She grabbed me by the hand
She just want to dance
Whispered in my ear, "baby what’s your plans"
Young Latina hail from Argentina
Tonight’s my last night in town,
I hate to leave you


Say hello lo(6x)
Say hello to another goodbye
Say hello lo(6x)
Say hello to another goodbye

[Verse 3]
Chocolate covered dream
From a movie scene I seen
On the screen but it wasn’t me playing the role
But this time around I’m the star of the show
Here’s how it goes from the opening credits
On the wall she in front of me
I know the connection
It’s like nothing else I felt before
Headed to the floor
So that she could move her hips for me
And the rest of the night well its history
Starting to understand what this bliss could be
In the park in the dark when she misses me
She cop an attitude reply, “I aint mad at you”
I just let her know that I’m just trying to have you
As much as I can its nothing your man, got you
Whatever you ask for, the feelings I have for
I just can’t cast off, I’m ready to blast off
Just take your mask off

Hook (4x)
I say hello she say another (goodbye)
I say hello she say another (goodbye)
I say hello she say another (goodbye)
I say hello she say another (goodbye)
I say hello she say another (goodbye)
I say hello she say another (goodbye)
I say hello she say another (goodbye)
I was thinking maybe we could give it a try


from Wake Up and Dream (EP), track released October 5, 2010
Publisher: ENOGA Publishing (ASCAP) and My Heartsongs Publishing (ASCAP)
Original Composition by: Clifton Ellens
Written by: Loren Gordon, Clifton Ellens
Vocals arrangement by: Krista Mone
Bass: Clifton Ellens
Drum programing by: Clifton Ellens
Piano and synth: Clifton Ellens
Guitar by: Randolph Zuniga
Recorded by: C. Ellens and R. Zuniga at Road Side Studio (Stanton, CA)
Mixed and Mastered by: Drew Allsbrook ( (Long Beach, CA)


all rights reserved





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